How to Order

Our full stock items are listed at our main web site:
*All items are shipped from Nagoya Japan with secured packaging.

How to order

1. Stock Availabiltihy
Please confirm stock availability before you place an order with us by
phone, fax or e-mail. Open: Wedenesday to Saturday 11:00am – 7:00pm (Japan
Time.) Fax and e-mail are available for 24hours.
tel:  052-757-3551 (Wed-Sat 11:00~19:00)
fax:  052-757-3552

2. Payment

Payment can be accepted by PayPal, IMO and Credit Cart.
3. Posatage
Postage for inside Japan is JPY700 per parcel. For the worldwide shipment,
the estimated postage for 1LP for Europe and USA is as follows:
– SAL: US$15.00 (4-6weeks) +US$4.00 per additonal one LP.
– AIR: US$19.00 (1-2weeks) +US$4.00  per additonal one LP.
– EMS: US$25.00 (4-5days)*EMS is registered & insured express air-mail
*If you order more LPs, we need additional US$4.00 for each one LP.
4. Shipment
After we confirm the receipt of payment, we’ll send the record(s) within three days. Shipping method is depends on your request.
5. Return goods
All records are returnable if you  do not like it. But please note the packaging and postal cost for return should be paid by the customer. As soon as we receive the return goods, we’ll refund
the payment. We cannot accept the replacement, because all records are second  hand, that means unique one.
6. Questions/Requests
Please feel free to make a contact with us if you have any questions or  requests.
TEL 052-757-3551 (Wednesday – Saturday 11:00~19:00)
FAX 052-757-3552
Following contact field is also available.


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